Startlr – FGV professor analyzes the role of Artificial Intelligence in the labor market


FGV professor analyzes the role of Artificial Intelligence in the labor market

The discussion on Artificial Intelligence (I.A.) came back after Facebook closed its project that created a language of its own that can not be understood by humans. With this he returns to the question: should we fear the scenario that the cinema usually reports with the annihilation of humanity by robots? For the academic coordinator of the MBA in Digital Marketing and the Post-MBA in Digital Business of FGV, André Miceli, this should not happen, but we will have problems.
According to the FGV professor, the problem is how the population will deal with Artificial Intelligence. Miceli warns of the fact that robots have declined in size, have had their learning capacity expanded in recent years, are no longer used only for physical activity, and are passed on to intellectuals.
“This move will have a big impact on the economies and it should boost the automation, and many professionals will be replaced by machines,” he said.
André Miceli, however, says that medicine can be one of the benefits. “It will most likely be possible to check an X-ray or blood test right after the collection, and relate all the tests with disease outbreaks, even predicting what will happen to the patient in the future,” he believes.
The FGV professor, however, points out that the process of accelerated transformation of automation will also change the organizational structure of companies and deconstruct the millenarian relationship we have with work. Miceli cites the example of the criteria used by “decision-making” agents. “What kind of decision the machine is going to make? It can create exclusive forms of treatment, such as reducing women in specific positions or writing reports with hegemonic speeches on a particular topic,” says Andre Miceli.
Finally, the expert says that it will be necessary to think about economic alternatives, for the simple fact that there will not be employment for all in this new scenario that is approaching. “We will need to adapt to a new world and be willing to embrace technological innovations, since whoever is not leading the change can be hit by it,” says the FGV professor.

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